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Meetings Overview

The New York State Multiple Sclerosis Consortium holds meetings 1-2 times per year to allow as many sites as possible to participate in and contribute to the growth and progress of the Consortium. Attendees typically include Site Investigators and Coordinators, as well as the Executive Director, Project Coordinator, Data Management Center representatives, prospective members and invited guests and/or presenters.

Meeting locations vary so that, over time, travel burdens are apportioned equitably among the membership. Length of these gatherings is generally limited to one day, although in cases where there is much information to present and discuss, the meetings may extend to a second day. The Consortium directly funds or reimburses all expenses, including travel.

The NYSMSC Executive Director is responsible for the organization of meeting logistics, preparation of the agenda/presentations, and facilitation of the program during the actual meeting. Discussion topics are substantive and thorough, and not only include updates on the status of ongoing and planned projects, but also address concerns which have arisen since the previous gathering. These matters usually require input and/or approval by the Site Membership.

Once Consortium business is completed, the meeting adjourns and the get-together concludes on a social note.