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Policy for Mandatory Site Activity

All NYSMSC Sites must exhibit a minimum level of activity to maintain an Active status of membership in the NYSMSC.

All active sites must remain active at a minimum level defined by:

  • For sites with <500 ‘Active Registrants*’, a minimum of five (5) new Registrants must be entered annually.
  • For sites with 501 – 999 ‘Active Registrants*’, a minimum of 10 new Registrants must be entered annually.
  • For sites with 1000+ ‘Active Registrants*’, a minimum of 20 new Registrant must be entered annually.
  • All sites must maintain a minimum of 50% follow-up annually on ‘Active*’ Registrants.
* Active Registrant is defined as a registrant who has presented to the site for at least one visit within the past 18 months, who has not otherwise been identified as a “one time only” registrant, or who cannot be followed for other practical reasons (death, refusal to participate, etc.) These reasons should be communicated to the data management center by ticking a check-box on the enrollment questionnaire to indicate the patient data record as a one-time data collection (e.g. no follow-up).

If NYSMSC finances permit, incentives to Active Sites will be awarded. Such incentives will be established by the Executive Committee.