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Procedure for Submission of Completed Data Forms

NYSMSC Sites will submit completed Registration and/or Follow-up forms using the following procedures:

  • Site Investigator or Coordinator will send completed Registration and/or Follow-up forms to the data management center contact: Jenny Drdul

  • Forms will be sent to via FedEx utilizing Pre-printed, pre-paid airway bills:
              270 Northpointe Pkwy, Suite 300
              Amherst, NY 14228
              Attn: Jenny Drdul, Production Department

  • Note: Alternate means of form submission will not be reimbursed.

  • Completed forms will be sent once monthly.

  • Sites will complete a transmittal form to accompany the completed forms. A copy of the transmittal forms will be retained at the site.

  • Upon receipt of forms, the data management center will inventory the shipment by comparing the completed forms with the transmittal form. The transmittal form will be marked as received and verified or any discrepancy identified will be noted. The marked transmittal form will be faxed to the site and retained with the site’s records.

  • Data clarification forms will be sent to sites as needed via email or fax. Completed data clarifications forms will be returned to the data management center by email or fax.

  • Once verified, completed forms will be entered into the database by the data management center.

  • The Data Management Center will retain and archive original completed forms. Sites will have the option to have a copy of completed forms returned. If a Site chooses not to receive a copy of completed forms, the Site assumes responsibility to maintain data by alternate means.